World of mine

That Trust 2016, December 13th

That Trust

That Trust
I want that trust
I yearn for that trust! Trust me!

Like a child learning to walk.
Arms wide open, shaking, rushing, drooling,
bubbling joy popping out of his mouth.
Overtly certain with uncertainty, chest puffed up like he is about to fly.
Boldly, blindly confident, that it is fine to march that erratic, incoherent walk.

I long for that trust!
A mind still virgin from doubts.
A heart still light, from judgments, from fear of failing and falling.
A "you-can-do-it-all" kind of mind.

I want that edgy side-walking-tipping-tiptoeing-stomping,
adjusting-the-balance-as-you-go kind of walk.
Stumble, crash, but rise up smiling, while tears drops and dries along your cheeks.

Roll around get on your knees, and try standing again.
Just keep trying, stop questioning, analyzing, limiting, inhibiting yourself, set of mind.
Everyday is the biggest day of your life!

Now sit and catch your breath…
It is also fine... all SO fine!

In the same order
One after another
Another day will come

And change will be

Just be!