World of mine

Sexisme au Greyhound 2017, March 7th

Un samedi matin pétillant de soleil, New-York, Port-Authority à la porte 22.
Une petite foule inoffensive se faufile à la queue leu leu dans le Greyhound propre et bien aéré,
bien paré, à destination de Montréal Québec.

Des passagers familiers, aux sourires faciles, des grand-mères en vacances, des amoureux en visite, des enfants encore pétris de sommeil et des étudiants qui rentrent de week-end.
Tout le monde trouve leur (...)

Emeline Passionately 2016, December 15th

The story of all dreamers keeping their feet on the ground
Anything given from your heart will help creating "Emeline Passionately"
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L'histoire de tous les reveurs qui gardent les pieds sur terre
Tout ce que vous donnez avec amour aidera à la réalisation de "Emeline (...)

That Trust 2016, December 13th

That Trust
I want that trust
I yearn for that trust! Trust me!

Like a child learning to walk.
Arms wide open, shaking, rushing, drooling,
bubbling joy popping out of his mouth.
Overtly certain with uncertainty, chest puffed up like he is about to fly.
Boldly, blindly confident, that it is fine to march that erratic, incoherent walk.(...)

Accents 2016, September 14th

I always get very annoyed at surveys
Most of the time they invade
your most intimate spaces,
start their enquiries
at the most inopportune occasion
around mid day or diner time
when everybody’s finally home
or when you are impatiently waiting for an important phone call(...)